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Are We a “Strongman Gym?”

Just recently a dear friend of mine and someone who I look up to in Strongman Sport complimented our House of Blue by calling it a “Strongman Gym.”

I quickly replied, “we are not a Strongman Gym.”

Yes, we have plenty of Strongman equipment.

Yes, we have coaches, including myself who have competed in Strongman.

Yes, we excitedly host Strongman Events.

Yes, we happily sponsor Strongman Events.

Yes, we train team members to compete in Strongman, MANY for the first time.

Yes, WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Strongman.

It is however, a part of what we do here.

We have created an empowering space where people can cultivate INNER & physical strength.

From foam rollers to farmer carries.
From dowels to deadlifts.
From to single leg balancing to stones.

We’ve got it.
We love it.
We share it.

What we really are is a Strength Community and we are honored & always excited to have Strongman as a PART of it!