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All or Nothing is BS

I want take a moment to invite EVERYONE to release the dreadful, uninspiring, overwhelming, bullying “all or nothing” expectation that you are hanging over yourselves like a heavy black cloud ready to swallow you in “I told you so’s.”



Let’s change this approach, this idea, this ridiculous badge.

Each moment is anew.
A chance to choose again.
One day committed or surging in another area of your life DOESN’T mean you commitment to your health just “shit the bed.”
It means in the next moment, you can choose again.

Go ahead and give me an example of one time that All or Nothing worked for you, saw you through the end of a desired accomplishment, carried your strongly and certainly to the finish line…

Go ahead…

Yet, we are the first to shout from the mountains right next to the Riccola lady…

“I’m am ALL or NOTHING, soooooo, I have to COMMIT to make this work.”

What are you committing to?
Another fake as fuck standard?
Another false badge?

Commit to choosing to move, be active, workout, train in a way that is part of your path.
Commit to choosing.
Commit to not going from 60 to NOTHING because you are a bag of Doritos or missed a training.
Commit to the next new choice.

All or Nothing is a big bag of bullshit.